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Useful online network tools

I'm starting this page and hope to think about it again at a later time when I find additional tools... but as I have network problems I often need these types of services to make sure I can get the information I need.

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What is your IP address?

Check your current IP address from your browser: [Super clean version!] [More advance and with ads...]

What is my DNS?

This one is for people who setup a DNS to make sure that it can accessed from all over the world. It checks your URI using 20 different DNS systems all over the world.

Can others see my website?

When setting up a website, it works on your computer... now is time to make sure that others will also see it and it will work for them. Maybe you put a link to an image with a file::///... path! That wouldn't work from the outside of your system. Using a web proxy helps you debug those problems.