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How do I get the motherboard, memory, etc. info from the command line?

dmidecode to retrieve information about your hardware

The Linux system offers a set of commands that allow you to read manufacturer information from the command line.

These are decoded as DMI data.

The motherboard info if listed with:

sudo dmidecode --type baseboard | less

The output should at least include a Manufacturer name and a Product Name. The Product Name would be the motherboard name as defined by the manufacturer.

You can also find memory information with:

sudo dmidecode --type memory | less

You should get a list of  DIMM slots with information about whether those slots are filled with a DIMM or not. Those with a DIMM should include the memory specification (size, speed, etc.)

Other options include:

  • bios
  • system
  • chassis
  • processor
  • cache
  • connector
  • slot

The manual page of the dmidecode command includes additional information.