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Do you know how to pronounce Linux?

My Raspberry Pi fits in my hand and runs Linux.


I have been around a lot of people and there are many who heard of Linux but to not know how to pronounce that word. I never thought it was complicated, that's a latin word, right?

So... maybe it is not "Lie neex"... Think about the "i" later and see how Italians, Spanish and French people pronounce it... Yes! The right way! You got it!

Anyway... for those in doubt, there is a file you can listen to Linus Torvalds himself, he's the one who named that OS, after all, so he should know how to say it. Enjoy!

Linus-linux.ogg16.56 KB

Re: Do you know how to pronounce Linux?

Leee nucks

Ah! Problem with meta tags...

I had the canonical URL defined and somehow it would use a different domain name than the one currently in use...

I removed that meta tag and it works. 8-)

Uh oh....Can't download the ogg file!

So, how can we learn the right way to pronounce Linux if we can't download the file!!! :-)

Seriously, I get "Page Not Found."