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This site is a collection of my own work with Linux. Certain things are easy, others take time to decipher and if I ever need to repeat the work (which usually happens!), then I need to remember everything by memory or... have a site with all the steps taken and to take again.

The following are my most recent posts:

Who is ZmEu?

An image showing ZmeuThe name Zmeu (no capital E) is the name of a fantastic creature of Romania. There are so many stories that there isn't a clear understanding of what it is... but it is human like, can spit fire and wants to marry young women.

If you're wondering, it is generally a bad guy.

ZmEu Attack

Today, I noticed a lot of traffic on one of my servers. Looking into what was happening, I immediately found out that an attacker was looking for a loophole in that system. That attack was being performed from China.

I checked another server, and sure enough, that other server was ...

A Bug in Chrome Ubuntu—how a feature becomes a bug

The Ubuntu version of Chrome has a way to auto-restart itself which does not hide the window or loses your existing browsing. However, it clearly quits the current instance and starts a new one (well, technically, it probably starts the new instance first, grab hold of the windows, then quit the old instance).

First bug, when that happens, the Gnome icon will now open a new instance and not know anything about the old instance. In other words, if you use the icons to navigate between your applications, Chrome fails whenever it gets updated that way.

The dot under the Gnome Icon disappears on auto-restart.

If it were just that, I would say, ...

Virtualbox to create a Computer inside another Computer

Autostart Virtualbox VMs

So... certainly things evolve quickly and others lack behind. We've got systemd since 15.10 or so and it was the prominent change in 16.04. We actually made the switch for Snap! Websites and that help tremendously as it is very reliable since then (older versions were really bad in comparison.)

At first, I found a Stackoverflow answer describing the old way and it did not work which is why I decided to switch to systemd. I found this page about it and it's already pretty good! Just a couple of things I had to tweak on my system to make it all work ...

Setting up the gparted live CD in your controller in a virtualbox installation

Problem: Small Partition in your Virtualbox Drive

By defauilt Virtuabox often tells you to setup your partition size to 20Gb. This is actually really small if you are to do some serious work with your virtualbox especially since the OS is likely to use about half of it on install.

But if you don't pay attention, chances are you end up with a tiny partition which you may wish you could exstend later...

Note that in many cases, this operation is not possible. For example, VirtualBox does not give us the ability to change the size of a fixed disk. Unfortunate because non-fixed do not ...

Dog that shread a bed to pieces by gomagoti.
By Gomagoti

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Do not apply these on an SSD. Chances are it will not overwrite the data and it will reduce the lifetime of the SSD for no good reason. An SSD allocates blocks of data in a different way than HDDs.

To low level format a hard drive, the best is to clear it with all zeroes or some random value.

One of the easiest way is to use the cat command line instruction with the zero device:

cat /dev/zero >/dev/sdb

The zero device is faster than the random device. Also we clear the entire device (/dev/sdb) and not just a ...

Many old parchements have much of their text hidden or lost...

As anyone else, I use Ctrl-C all the time.

I start writing something in my terminal and it's not what I needed, I hit Ctrl-C to Cancel that line.

This is the same as the Ctrl-C to Cancel a program. In that case it sends a SIGINT to the running process (this assumes that you are running a process that did not detach itself from your console.)

Although on the command line I often do that because I want to keep what I just typed right there on the screen because I will use it, just not right now. And when a ^C is printed in there, that's just really not practical!?

It looks like ...

Here is a picture of my old LaserJet 2550L which I use as a black & white printer.

My old LaserJet 2550L printer which I use with Linux Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 18.04

I now have Ubuntu 18.04 and things have changed again.

Today I need to print an invoice for a customer and so I spent some time setting up my old printer. First of all, I connected the USB cable and the rest was mostly automatic. The system automatically discovered the printer, downloaded the necessary driver, and made the printer available. That being said, the default "Add Printer" button is grayed out and that looks strange. Why have a button if you do not offer your users to click on it?

As usualy, ...

A beautiful table ready to be server with plates, glasses, napkins, all very elegantly set.

Getting the OS

First go to and get the latest version you're interesting in. They offer server version that they support for 5 years or so. I suggest one of those if you want to run a server. This is an ISO, in generate around 600Mb so be ready to wait a few hours... Even with a really fast connection, because the transfer will be limited by the mirror in most cases.

Unless you know better, I strongly suggest you get the Ubuntu Server version. Maybe a bit more annoying to use BUT it works on ALL computers. And ...

Sorted desktop items in various jars made of glass.

We often want to sort filenames by date. It's easy enough with the ls command we use the -t command line option.

ls -t

Then we can use the -r to reverse the list which means we see the last modified file at the end of the list.

ls -tr

Futher I tend to use the -l to see more details when listing and verify that my command does what I expect it to do.

Now there are situations where a more complex search than a simple shell glob is necessary. For example, looking for a file that includes the name '*linux*' in a whole tree of files would go like this:

find path-to-search ...

Ubuntu 18.04 Beaver

Super-be Interface: Gnome 3

This page is for me to remember what the heck I had to do to get my desktop back to normal. One main thing that changed quite a bit: the Super key is often used instead instead of the Alt key. For example, to switch between workspaces (I have 12 so I need that functionality really bad!) and also to move windows about without having to find their title bar which often are hidden by other windows anyway.

Note: I know that Gnome 3 has been out for a while, I just did not want to get a new Desktop version which may not be 100% compatible on my old server so I am ...

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