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Top Secret

This page is a test page of the Menu per Role module for Drupal (Yes. This site is a Drupal site, did not guess yet?!) The module controls whether a menu entry should be shown to a given set of customer without having to change the permissions of the destination. This is particularly useful whenever the destination is not a node.

As of Dec 2008, I'm the maintainer so I needed a place to test the module. Here it is.

You will need to be registered and logged in to see the corresponding menu item in the drop down. Good luck.

And the following is a node with comments that I use to test the InsertNode module for D6. The tag includes the collapsed and comments parameters:

Since the node is collapsed, it only takes one line by default! And I'm working on fixing the cache problem now. When the cache is turned on, changes to the child node do not appear. And it is not really possible to put the cache info in the tag since it won't stick. Also, I had to fix the preg_replace() since the parameters can be multiple now.

Want to know more? Look on Drupal.