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Per Row Highlighting in MS-Access Forms

Today, I found out that the current row in a MS-Access form is not so current.

Somehow, it can extract the data from the current row, but trying to change some parameters on the current box actually affects the entire column. This is because a ContinuousForm includes only one box per column and that box is repeated for each row.

To all problems there is a solution. The underlaying system (i.e. the MS-Windows API) can be used to access each box since at that level they are distinct windows. However, you need a very complicated set of function calls to make that work and the result works but is rather slow. So I do not recommand it.

I'm attaching a zip file offered by Lebans Holdings 1999 Ltd.

The zip file and some fixes are presented on this page.

A2KConditionalFormatting.zip273.04 KB