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Number of friends on Facebook is limited!

Playing around with facebook for a couple weeks now and I bumped into a new one!

Yep! There is a limit to the number of friends you can have on Facebook... It is 5,000±10.

This explains why I have found several people with multiple accounts. That's the way to circumvent the limit. With 3 accounts, you can get 15,000 people in your circle.

I wonder whether Twitter has the same limit because many people mentioned that number too... Okay! I have now found people with over 100,000 people following them! And man... I wonder why since the tweets are total crap... Do people really read that sort of thing???

In regard to friends and such, I found something quite interesting here:

The magical number of 150. I would say, I would think that's not real simply because a few cases are 150, that makes it the number... but the average number of friends on Facebook is 120. I thought that just that was a good proof that this is correct. Some people have 250 and some only 50, but an average on over 30 million people... that ought to be close to reality.

Note that there is another limit. When you want to share friends from your list with someone else, you are limited to 20 people. Not that it matters too much, once they have been processed you can send another 20... And you can always send your friend your complete list (although I still have to find a way to get that in some spreadsheet?!)

Happy connecting!