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View & Track tabs in Drupal sites

If you have your own Drupal site, you may have noticed a set of tabs appearing at the top. The View and the Track tab often appear on your site even for anonymous users. This is really annoying!

Here I show you what I see when I go to one of my pages. The View, Edit and Track tabs.

The Track tab is used to see who came to your website. It actually gives you a lot of information and especially it includes the IP address of the users. If you have any kind of sensitive website, then you sure do not want to show the IP address of your users to all the people in the world... Some will use proxies, but most people do not know how to do that! And many sites just do not work well when viewed through a proxy.

So? What's the problem here?

There is an entry in your Permissions screen (Administer -> Users -> Permissions) that says "access statistics". That is the culprit. Not obvious at all if you ask me. So that's why I'm writing this here.

In older versions of Drupal (before 6.x), you may actually need to apply a fix to the statistics module. But it looks like that has existed for a while already (I only started with Drupal with D6.)

Hope this helps!.


Note that you have a similar Track tab in user accounts. There is no way to remove that one without tweaking Drupal Core or preventing users from accessing your profile page altogether. However, it just shows the list of pages you worked on lately, so it isn't so bad.

Track and View

Thanks! This solved the problem I was having with this. I think that a module I installed turned on this module, and I was totally unaware of it.