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InsertNode module for Drupal

This page is an extension to the InsertNode module available on Drupal.

I include here a set of files that one may be interested in to enhance the experience with that module.

If you have another file, let me know, and I might very well include it here (After reviewing the code!)

Thank you.


This file adds two prompts to help enter your [node: ... ] tag. This is based on Zewa's work.

This file adds two prompts to help enter your [node: ... ] tag. This is from Zewa. See this issue:

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Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

#2 -- Adding the CCK title should be easy enough, assuming the data is available right at hand...

#1 -- the * is expected to display information about the current node, so you can write a macro; in a list (as in a view) it wouldn't work because the page you are viewing is not a node. The idea of having a macro feature did not come from me and I never used it. But more or less, if you insert many nodes in a page, and each should show content in a specific way which could change over time, then the use of a macro is a good idea. That way you get a chance to change the macro once and get a different output many times. Another way to use it is to show hidden CCK fields in the same node, in other words, you don't need to know the node number to display its CCK field content.

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

#2: I mean to use insertNode in a mask of title of article. In my task it would be convenient. Manually - it turns out slowly.
#1: If I use parameter "node: *" in article that in the full version of article - the field works normally, but in the list of articles - it empty. If to use for example "node:123" - that of such problem isn't present. I create new articles duplication therefore to me it would be more convenient to use "node: *"

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Hi there,

I'm not too sure what you're asking in #2. Getting the title of the CCK field? I would think you should know what it is and enter it by hand. Of course, if you change it in the CCK definitions... At this time there is no such support.

For #1, I'm afraid I cannot figure out what the question is. When a CCK field is empty, it should return an empty string and nothing more. Isn't that what happpens?

Thank you.

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Hi! At 2 more questions =):
1. If I use [node:* plain cck=field_min_procent;] that in the list of articles of a field is returned by empty values (if to enter into article - all normally). It is possible to fix it?
2. Would be super if InsertNode worked and for titles.

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Thanks! The question has solved. Really it CCK

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Then add the plain keyword:

[node:123 plain cck=field_name;]

That way the InsertNode dos not add anything. The cck system might still add something to the content output.

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Yes, I read the documentation. If to interpose into the text [node:123 cck=field_name;] that the text breaks into paragraphs + the marking is interposed additional HTML. But FIELD VALUE is necessary to me only.
I am sorry on the bad English - the automatic translator

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Did you check the documentation on this page?

more or less, you just add:

[node:123 cck=field_name;]

where "name" is the name you typed for the field.

Re: InsertNode module for Drupal

Hi! Great thanks for the module! At me a problem: how to insert only value from ССК field?

Problem with anonymous users

First, I would check permissions.

Can you see those inserted nodes as an anonymous user? (if you directly go to that node) If not, then that's the problem since the InsertNode module checks to make sure that you have permission to view those nodes.

I think there is a module to prevent the use of filters based on role(s). This could have an effect on your output (note that there is a module to prevent certain roles from specifying certain filters, but that one does not prevent the use of the filter when viewing a node.)

I'm not too sure what else would prevent a node from appearing.

Thank you.

InsertNode not showing nodes for anonymous users

If I am logged in to my Drupal site, the InsertNode nodes work fine.

If I am not logged in, I see nothing where the node is meant to be.

What could cause this?