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Adding links to your node features in your views when using Drupal 6

Several times, you may have been creating views and wondered: how the heck could I add a link to my node Edit page, or if you are like me, my node Outline, Track, Convert pages on top of the Edit page.

This is actually pretty easy.

To your fields, add a Node: Nid then click the Add button at the bottom.

In the setup of the field, select Rewrite the output of this field and enter the text of the link as it should appear (i.e. 'Edit' or 'Convert'.)

Finally, select Output this field as a link and enter something like: node/[nid]/edit for your Edit link. Yes, you have to enter the square brackets around the nid keyword.

Now you can save the field and see the result.

Cool, hey?!

Now you know why the Rewrite the output of this field is used for.