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Associate & De-associate (or Un-associate) a label in MS-Access

Problem: Associate, easy! De-associate... but how?!

The association of a label with another widget is easy to obtain. You want to do that especially if you want to hide the widget or apply some similar effects to it so both, the widget and its label are affected. This is especially true if you hide the widget.

To associate two objects, click on both (holding the Shift key down when clicking on the second object.) At that point, if it is possible to link both objects, you will see a menu appearing with a lightning on it. That menu includes the necessary options to help you with associating the label with its box text.

Now, if you look closely to that menu, there is an option that says: Unassociate Label from <other object type>. Neat.

Only problem, once associated I just cannot find this menu any more. This means there is no way to unassociate (also called de-associate) since I did not find a corresponding menu item for that specific feature...


The solution is quite simple, but not so easy to come up with:

  1. Go and click on the label you want to unassociate
  2. Do the selection properly (i.e. make sure only the label is selected)
  3. Do a Cut (from the Edit menu)
  4. Restore the label and place it back

As I said... easy but not that intuitive!

Problem Associate Label in Access 97

The above does not work to associate labels to controls in MS Access 97. The command button control does not produce an associated label by default.

To associate a label to a command button control in MS Access 97.

1. Create a button control
2. Create a Label
3. Copy the Label
4. Select the Button Control
5. Right-click and select Paste

A new label will be pasted and associated to the Button Control in Access 97. To Unassociate a label from a control just delete the Label and make a new one.

Associate a label in MS Access

If you want to associate a label with an object and you don't get that little pop-up menu, here is what you can do:

Click on the object that needs the label (eg: a button, a text box, etc).
While the object is selected (make sure only one object is selected), hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click on the label icon in the toolbox*
The label will be automatically placed around the object, and the cursor will be inside the label waiting on you to type something. After you type something in the label, the new label will be associated with the object. If you click out of the label before you type something, the label will disapear and no association will happen.

If you want to remove the association without having to redo the work of creating a new label, just:
Select the label, copy it to the clipboard (ctrl+c), delete it by hiting the delete key on your keyboard, and paste it back (ctrl+v).
The new label will be exactly the same as the old one (including the name) but without the association. If you had vb code attached to it, the code will still be there, but you have add the event trigger to the properties.

*The toolbox can be viewed by going to the view menu and click on the "Toolbox" (the one with the hammer and the wrench).

I hope this helps. I know this is an old post, but I saw it while I was looking for something else and I figured I would answer for those who see this post in the future.

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)