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Wordpress Editing Page stuck in “Saving ...”

The control bar with "Switch to Draft" / "Saving ..."

Today, while working on an article about black holes, I experiences this Wordpress problem where my page was stuck saying that it was being saved. Interesting since I was not kicked out (logged out) and other features still worked in other pages of the website I had opened.

I'm not totally what happened, but I was able to open the post in another tab (i.e. right click on the Wordpress logo at the top-left and select "Open in a New Tab" then navigate to your posts and click on the one which is currently stuck) and it told me that there was a newer draft than the current version. I looked at the differences and sure enough I could see my few recent edits, all there.

That gives you a choice of selecting the new changes to edit those further and then you'll be able to click the Update or Publish buttons. That worked perfectly although I kept my window with last changes open just in case something was missing in the saved draft.

I was delighted that it was so easy to fix although I hope that this doesn't happen too often. It's a bit scary.

This was with the latest version of Wordpress which is version 5.4.1.