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Why would Windows 10 Wifi say "Limited" instead of "Connected"?

When I installed Flash, it automatically installed McAfee, the anti-virus, and really, I have not seen an option to NOT install that wonderful free tool which annoys me (and probably many others) a lot...

Not knowing, I then searched for a little while, why is it that my Wifi connection says "Limited" instead of "Connected". This is because McAfee replaces the MS-Windows firewall with their own stuff. That stuff limits the connections and everything will not go through, hence the Limited information on my Wifi connection.

Since I removed McAfee, my connection remains and says "Connected" as I would otherwise expect.

Note that either way I could access the Internet as normal and it seemed quite fast, but I prefer to have full access to the firewall. Especially since I use the computer on a generally secure intranet.

So, I uninstalled all McAfee entries asking it to remove all files (there is such a flag in one of the uninstallers) and then the connection went to Connected on its own. Not even had to restart the computer!

Problem: Wifi Connection says Limited

Solution: Get rid of McAfee (possibly other anti-virus software too, of course.)