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Very Sleepy CPU Profiler written in C/C++

When running a process under MS-Windows, it is at times rather difficult to find a problem caused by some slowness in your code, especially when it is not expected to be slow.and you do not get any kind of feedback from your software outside of the slowness itself.

When that happens a good way to find the problem is to use a profiler. Under MS-Windows, you have quite a few choices, but in most cases I've seen rather complicated solutions. Today I was told to check in Very Sleepy which I downloaded very quickly, installed very quickly, and ran very quickly., Also it did not give me the exact answer to the question I had, it pin pointed the issue very quickly. In our case, we could see a catch capturing an error over and over again, making it very slow (i.e. 300ms between each mouse move...) to run the software when entering that specific mode.