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Upgrade your snap packages on the spot

Protected Tree in a field, like Snaps on Linux.

Refreshing (a.k.a. upgrading)

Usually your snap packages automatically get upgraded when newer versions are made available from the source.

One in a while, though, you may want to run a manual upgrade to make sure that you've got the latest of everything. This is done like this:

$ sudo snap refresh <name>

That's it.

Note that the <name> part is optional. When not specified all the snap packages are checked for newer versions.

The output will tell you what packages were upgraded.

Just in case, other snap commands of interest:

1. to install new packages
$ sudo snap install <name>
2. to list packages you have installed
$ sudo snap list
3. uninstall a snap package
$ sudo snap remove [--purge] <name>

The --purge option is optional. It will delete everything, including all the settings when specified.

4. search snap packages
$ sudo snap find <pattern>

search for a snap package which name matches <pattern>.