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systemd — got to learn that one now

systemd has come as the default boot loader since Ubuntu 15.04. The old version, upstart, is now considered deprecated. Systemd has an interface pretty similar to the upstart service command line.

Command Description Support Persist
systemctl start SERVICE
Start SERVICE Always No
systemctl stop SERVICE
Stop SERVICE Always No
systemctl restart SERVICE
Restart SERVICE Always No
systemctl reload SERVICE
Reload SERVICE Optional Yes
systemctl status SERVICE
Show SERVICE status Always n.a.
systemctl enable SERVICE
Enable SERVICE Always Yes
systemctl disable SERVICE
Disable SERVICE Always Yes
systemctl is-enabled SERVICE
Check whether SERVICE is enabled Always n.a.
systemctl is-active SERVICE
Check whether SERVICE is currently active Always n.a.
systemctl show SERVICE
Show all of SERVICE's information Always n.a.

Also, when a daemon has problem starting, it may print information about it in the console. However, systemd hides all console output from you.

To see the latest output of a process, you'll have to use the journalctl command. In most cases, something like this will work as expected:

    journalctl -a -u SERVICE

It automatically uses less to display the data.

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