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SugarCRM Community Edition for Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP 7

As I wanted to use SugarCRM on my new server, I looked into the Community Edition and apparently the company is not willing to convert their code so it works under PHP 7.

So that would not work on a newer system because the code uses quite a few forbidden mechanism (wrong class definitions, old defunct functions...) and that prevents to even instal the system on your machine.

Now, I have looked closer into it and I am getting a version that works pretty darn well already. I still have some issues here and there, but I think you can already make use of that version. Except for one thing which happens even in PHP 5: you cannot add notes and use sub-panels. I'm on it. It's a pretty complicated piece of code that uses a lot of AJAX so it's not easy to follow up what happens when you click on a button.

I have a version on github at this address:

SugarCRM Community Editor for PHP 7