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3rd button of one of my SGI gray mouse dies...

I've got those 3 button mice from SGI as I was working with Indy's and O2's. I also have keyboards. Those are real good quality!

Yesterday, I tried to right click and somehow, nothing happened. At first I thought maybe it was X going banana, but trying again and restarting did not change anything. I reset my KVM too, just in case. Still nothing.

Not too sure whether the KVM is dead (argh!) or my mouse. I tried with my other SGI mouse and it worked just fine. Well... that 3rd button is broken. I opened the mouse and checked, it looks just fine to my eyes. Why would the button fail when the optic is still working just fine after... well... about 10 years. 8-)

Just in case, there is a picture:

SGI grey mouse
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