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Remove the Keyboard Repeat in a VirtualBox console running Linux?

When I use virtualbox over the network (from a headless computer) and I connect using SSH, that virtualbox is going to be slow.

Somehow, I did not have that problem with older versions (Ubuntu 14.04 and older) but newer versions have required me to turn off keyboard repetition otherwise I get keys repeated (mainly the Enter key when something takes processing time at the time I hit the enter key) as in:


The solution is to run the folloing command:

setterm -repeat off

It works in most terminals, for sure, the regular Linux console you get after installing a server in a VirtualBox system will accept the command. It should also work in an X11 console. Note that this is specific to a console so you want to run it in each one of the console where you do not want the repetition or place the command in your ~/.bashrc or similar script executed when you log in.