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Remove the Keyboard Repeat in a VirtualBox console running Linux?

Just like a good old typewrite, you may want your computer keyboard not to repeat keys.

Keyboard Auto-Repeat

When I use virtualbox over the network (from a headless computer) and I connect using SSH, that virtualbox is going to be slow.

Somehow, I did not have that problem with older versions (Ubuntu 14.04 and older) but newer versions have required me to turn off keyboard repetition otherwise I get keys repeated (mainly the Enter key when something takes processing time at the time I hit the enter key) as in:


The solution is to run the folloing command:

setterm -repeat off

It works in most terminals, for sure, the regular Linux console you get after installing a server in a VirtualBox system will accept the command. It should also work in an X11 console. Note that this is specific to a console so you want to run it in each one of the console where you do not want the repetition or place the command in your ~/.bashrc or similar script executed when you log in.

Keyboard and USB in VirtualBox

The VirtualBox interface lets you select a real USB port and assign it to your VM. This sounds great. I tried and I guess that to a certain extend, it works.


As a result, if you assign your keyboard or your mouse to your VM, bye bye goes your change to input anything. The output will go to the virtualbox VM but it won't work. My X-Windows session was completely hosed.

Of course, I have another computer I can use to log in remotely (still on my local network) so I could at least reboot cleanly.

Done with that one for a while. Oops.