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QuickBooks and the address fields

When using the QODBC driver, it is possible to define all the Address fields. You have 5 x Addr, 5 x BlockAddr, City, Postal Code, Country, and Notes. This means quite many fields (15 to be precise.)

Trying to use the BlockAddr does not work.

The other fields work, but the result is that everything ends up in a blob of data. More or less, when you read it back, you'll have no clue what's what... That is one problem.

Now, the other problem is the following error:

There was an error when composing an address in "".  QuickBooks error message: There is not enough address lines to compose the address. Please rearrange the individual fields, so that they can fit in the 5-lines block.

Of course, the problem is very likely to lay in QODBC that interprets the different fields in some random way (looks random to a user like me). In any event, I added a statement to use the Notes and it breaks even with Sale Order #38, even though it worked just fine in Sale Order #37 (with the same customers that have the same address info.)

All I have done to fix the problem is remove the Notes. Too bad.