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Performance Monitor under MS-Windows

I recalled reading somewhere that you could see the performance of NVidia cards under MS-Windows. Looking around I could not really see how that would be done. Today, though, I found out that perfmon does it all!

To start perfmon, click on your Start button and enter perfmon and click Run. You may also start it from a command line although perfmon is a graphical tool.

Once in there, click on ":Performance Monitor", it should appear under Monitoring Tools.

That won't give you the GPU information though, not by default.

When you right click on the area with the graph, you see an option that says "Add Counters ...". Select that, then search for NVidia (or whatever brand you're using.) There you should be able to click on that item and click Add. The Add button will copy all the necessary counters to the graph once you click OK or Apply.

The graph can easily show everything or just a few lines. I suggest you uncheck a few of the curves to make sure that you see hwat you are otherwise expecting. That will give you a better view of the exact information sought. (By default NVidia offers 9 counters, showing them all on the same graph makes it really difficult to read especially since several of those lines use the same color.