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PAD File

PAD File Module for Drupal


You can find my PAD File module on Drupal.

It is intended for any company and individual that has executable files for download but its customers and potential customers. The PAD File describes the content of such executable to the target machine (robots that spider the Internet for PAD Files).

With the module you can create, import, update and delete PAD Files as necessary. It automatically generates the XML files and maintains them on your website without you having to do anything about it.

It is also intended to verify the resulting data since many fields need to be limited in size or range of values.

Inline Tags without PAD File

The following are tag fields that do not require a PAD File name to work:

Total number of PAD Files: [padfile: total_count]

Number of active PAD Files: [padfile: count]

Total number of downloads (across all PAD Files): [padfile: total_downloads]

List of the active PAD Files: [padfile: list]

Sample: Turn Watcher1 PAD File

PAD File identifier: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad padid]

PAD File is: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad active]

PAD File is owned by: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad user_name] ([padfile: turnwatcher-pad uid])

Number of times PAD File was downloaded: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_counter]

PAD File was created on: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad creation_date] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad creation_time]

PAD File was last modified on: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad modification_date] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad modification_time]

Link to the actual file: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad link]

Link to the file with only English: [padfile: en turnwatcher-pad link]

Link to the file with only French: [padfile: French turnwatcher-pad link]

Link to the actual file with icon: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad link_with_icon]

Link to the actual file with screenshot: [padfile: all turnwatcher-pad link_with_screenshot 250 100]

Download PAD File: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad export]

Download PAD File with all languages (like default): [padfile: all turnwatcher-pad export]

Download PAD File with only English: [padfile: English turnwatcher-pad export]

Download PAD File with only French: [padfile: fr turnwatcher-pad export]

Program Name/Version: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad program_name] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad version]

Company Name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad company_name]

Address 1: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad address_1]

Address 2: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad address_2]

City: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad city_town]

State: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad state]

Zip: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad zip]

Country: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad country]

Website: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad website]

Website URL (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad website_url]

Author first name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad author_first_name]

Author last name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad author_last_name]

Author email: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad author_email]

Author email (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad author_email_only]

Contact first name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad contact_first_name]

Contact last name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad contact_last_name]

Contact email: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad contact_email]

Contact email (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad contact_email_only]

Sales email: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad sales_email]

Sales email (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad sales_email_only]

Support email: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad support_email]

Support email (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad support_email_only]

General email: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad general_email]

General email (not a link): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad general_email_only]

Sales phone: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad sales_phone]

Support phone: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad support_phone]

General phone: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad general_phone]

Fax phone: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad fax_phone]

Relased date and time: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad release_date] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad release_time]

Cost: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad cost] in [padfile: turnwatcher-pad currency] ([padfile: turnwatcher-pad currency-3letters])

Type of product: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad type]

Status of the product: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad status]

Installation/Uninstallation support: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad install_support]

Support operating systems: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad operating_systems]

Languages: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad languages]

Sizes: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad byte_size] bytes, [padfile: turnwatcher-pad kb_size]Kb, [padfile: turnwatcher-pad mb_size]Mb

Human size: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad hr_size]

Expiration: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration]

Expiration base: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration_base]

Expiration count: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration_count]

Expiration date and time: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration_date] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration_time]

Expiration info: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad expiration_info]

Change Log:

[padfile: turnwatcher-pad change_log]

Category (full): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad category]

Category (group): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad category_group]

Category (detail): [padfile: turnwatcher-pad category_detail]

Requirements: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad requirements]

Info URL & link & text link & image link: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad info_url_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad info_url] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad info_url_with_icon]

Ordering URL & text link & image link: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad ordering_url_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad ordering_url] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad ordering_url_with_icon]

Screenshot URL & image: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad screenshot_url_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad screenshot_url]

Screenshot resized: [padfile: all turnwatcher-pad screenshot_url 250 100]

Icon URL & image: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad icon_url_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad icon_url]

PAD File name: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad padfile_name]

Download primary URL & link with text & link with icon: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_primary_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_primary] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_primary_with_icon]

Download secondary URL & link with text: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_secondary_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_secondary]

Download other 1 URL & link with text: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_other1_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_other1]

Download other 2 URL & link with text: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_other2_only] [padfile: turnwatcher-pad download_url_other2]

Distribution Permissions: [padfile: turnwatcher-pad distribution_permissions]


[padfile: turnwatcher-pad eula]

Keywords: [padfile: English turnwatcher-pad keywords]


45 Characters: [padfile: English turnwatcher-pad desc45]

80 Characters: [padfile: English turnwatcher-pad desc80]

250 Characters:

[padfile: English turnwatcher-pad desc250]

450 Characters:

[padfile: English turnwatcher-pad desc450]

2000 Characters:

[padfile: English turnwatcher-pad desc2000]

  • 1. Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker for d20 Game Masters, works with Dungeons & Dragons, StarWar and any other d20 Game.