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  • Whenever you want the end user to edit a table, you create a form that shows a set of cells. These are defined in your form Details area. Up to here, nothing special about that.

    The fact is you cannot easilly access rows individually. That is, the TextBox, ComboBox, etc. in each row is considered the same whatever the row. So if you change the background color of a TextBox, all the TextBoxes of that column will be highlighted, not just the current row.

  • Pre-Pre-Scriptum: Please, look for the edll library. It is now available as a free library for MinGW.

  • Today I bumped in another problem: I want to show my user a message saying that I'm terribly busy looking for data in the database. Because I use ODBC with QuickBooks (QODBC to be precise), the system is somewhat slow. Therefore, it can take a little while and people just can't wait and they start clicking everywhere like crazy. That's a big problem...

  • Problem

    I wrote some MS-Access code that I want to execute once a day.

  • What a strange error!

    You execute an SQL statement with the usual OpenRecordset() function in MS-Access. So as usual, you put one parameter to the function, the SQL order.

    You have written 100 of those before and had no problems.

    Today, the last one you wrote says:

    Too few parameters. Expected 1.

    You look at this latest statement and your older statements and you just plainly don't get it. There is one parameter, it is the SQL string and it looks just fine.

    So? What's wrong?

    Simple! The error actually means a field name in the SQL statement is wrong. Yeah! That's how you need

  • Use at your own risk! These are links to other pages outside of this website:

  • Story

    Inserting a row ina database is done with the INSERT INTO command line. This is quite standard SQL.

    MS-Access supports the INSERT INTO instruction too. You can write macros that make use of it.

    I have used it for a while and had not problems. But yesterday I discovered that there was a case when it simply wouldn't work at all. The strangest thing was that it did not work with an MS-Access database without any one error. No error at all.

  • Have you seen animated icons in your tabs? This has been working for a while, with IE and FF and Co.

    All you have to do is create an animated GIF file as your "favicon.ico", and it is better to name it .gif, by the way.

    Because icons can now be pretty much any image format, not just .ico

    And if you need some favicon for your site, check this one out:

    Many of these are free!

  • I create this page to talk about the work I've done to create a small Flash animation (under 1Kb) used to play a stream of audio (most specifically, from the radio Hotmix 106.)

  • How to force a download of any file in a CGI script

    I have been wondering for a while, now I have the answer, so I can share it with you guys.

    Your script has to do the following steps:

    1. Print a header which at least includes:

      1. Content-Type: application/force-download

        (you can also use octet-stream instead of force-download)

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