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  • I actually remembered that would do what I wanted to do and even better than the couple of things I tested before. It will broadcast everything everywhere. In a way, a bit scary!

    There are 45 systems as of today (Jul 11, 2009) where your posts will automatically be posted.

    And if you want to know, you will need a user key for everything to work. When logged in your account, go to

    You key is a long string of letters and digits (for those in the known, it is called an md5sum)

  • I always have had problems with the <p> tag in HTML.

    Now, I was happy to find the solution to a problem I hit several times and finally solved with a big smile.

    In most cases I use <div> (division) tags to create web pages. That's easy because those don't generally use any padding or margin. So you build all sorts of complex tree with that and the result is just perfect.

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  • I created a form a while back and included an entry like this:

      '#size' => 10

    in several text fields of the form. Especially useful when you add a suffix:

      '#field_suffix' => 'Something'

    But that would not do anything... I looked at the output of the form and it looked 100% correct. In other words, the input tag had its size="10" properly set. So the next step was to find whether some CSS code would be in the way.

    You bet! The node.css file includes the following:

  • White Screen of Death

    Using Drupal happily and all of a sudden... nothing! A completely blank page, often called the White Screen of Death or WSOD.

    Quite annoying situation, I have to say, but well... it happens.

    There are several (many?) pages about the White Screen of Death (in reference to the Blue Screen of Death by our friend Microsoft.)

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  • title 1

    Test A

    title 2

    Testing B

    title 3

    Weird format

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  • This page is a test page of the Menu per Role module for Drupal (Yes. This site is a Drupal site, did not guess yet?!) The module controls whether a menu entry should be shown to a given set of customer without having to change the permissions of the destination. This is particularly useful whenever the destination is not a node.

    As of Dec 2008, I'm the maintainer so I needed a place to test the module. Here it is.

    You will need to be registered and logged in to see the corresponding menu item in the drop down. Good luck.

    And the following is a node with comments that I use to test the ...

  • I was wondering whether I could twitter without having to add my posts to twitter each time...

    That works, of course, but it is time consuming.

    The website I'm using runs on Drupal and it includes a Twitter module. And that module will automatically twit my posts titles to twitter. There you go!

    This message is a test to see whether that works...

  • As FCKeditor becomes old and the new CKEditor is started to get there, I'm updating more and more websites to make use of the newer version of CKEditor. This requires a few steps to make sure you don't lose the previous functionality.


    The update does not transfer the FCKeditor permissions to the CKEditor. This is because by the time you install the new CKEditor, the FCKeditor should already be uninstalled. In other words, those permissions are gone already. Plus, the scheme is slightly different in the new editor.


    The list of roles who are assigned one ...

  • If you have your own Drupal site, you may have noticed a set of tabs appearing at the top. The View and the Track tab often appear on your site even for anonymous users. This is really annoying!

    Here I show you what I see when I go to one of my pages. The View, Edit and Track tabs.

  • An RSS feed is very common on all new websites. It has been around for years now. As of today you could listen to thousands of RSS feeds and be totally swamped by all the news...

    But what is an RSS feed?

    The way users know about RSS feed is in the form of a URL. The URL points to a file on a website that includes data. That data file uses the specific RSS or RDF format, which uses XML as the base format.

    So it is in fact very easy to generate an RSS feed. All you have to do is write an XML file with the proper tags and attri as defined on the W3C and AtomEnabled ...

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