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My customer cannot edit pages?!

I created a website and handed it to a customer... without realizing that the customer could not edit the pages of his site.

He reported the problem and I was rather surprised since I had not installed any module that would protect the editing of pages based on a role... what could it be? I checked the Drupal permissions a couple times... he had the right to edit all the nodes, his own and anyone else's, hmmm...

I looked at the code to try to figure it out, and there is a call to the filter module: filter_access($node->format).

Yes! Of course! I had forgotten to add his role to the Full format. That was it. It is a very good feature and I had to deal with a similar problem in the Discuss This! module. That later module copies the teaser of a node, and for the teaser to show properly, you want to keep the same format. But the person assigned the new post may not have the right to the filter that was used in the original post. Thus, I had to check and choose between three formats and pick the best one that the user can use.

I wonder whether that is explain in a Drupal Tutorial...