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Mount an ISO file in Linux

When creating a CD you use mkisofs (make ISO file system)

    mkisofs -o my-cd.iso directory

Then you should verify that it looks as you expected. This is done by mounting the ISO file:

    sudo mount -o loop my-cd.iso /mnt/cd

Assuming the mount works, you can then use ls to see the content of the ISO file:

    ls -l /mnt/cd

Note that if you want to make the CD bootable, you'll need to also add the boot sector to the my-cd.iso file.

Something like this should get you there:

    mkisofs -o my-cd.iso -b iso.bin -c -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table directory

This shows how you boot a kernel on the CD. The kernel is in directory. The -b and -c options add the necessary files for the CD to boot properly.

Once you're happy about your CD, you can burn it on your CD-R device with the cdrecord or wodim command. Something like this:

    cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom speed=52 my-cd.iso

If it is your first burn, you probably will have to test different speeds and devices before you get it to work right. I know it took me a little while.

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