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HP Printer options not offering "Color: Off" option anymore

As I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10, I noticed that I lost the option to turn off the color when printing.

Looking around all the available options, no one to make it black and white (although the old option was saying something like: Color: Off; it was somewhat weird.)

Now that option is completely gone. There is no way for me to turn off my HP Printer color when I am in Acrobate or LibreOffice. I searched on the Internet to see whether that was just HP trying to get you to use colors on your printer or whether the option was available... somewhere else.

Indeed, I had to go to the System Settings, Printers, and there right click on my laser HP printer (LaserJet 2550L, but I'm sure it applies to all HP settings, maybe all cups settings?) That gives me system wide settings and there I can set Color: black and white.

The problem, obviously, if you want to turn color back on, you have to do that in the global printer settings again. Not practical. But I print like 1 document a year in color, so not a big deal for me.