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Facebook URL

Noticed today that I had an easy to use facebook URL. It goes like this:

So, the Facebook URL followed by my first and last name. Easy, hey?

Another important thing, in your facebook privacy settings, make sure you select the necessary flags so people can see your page! If you make yourself totally private people won't find you and won't be able to see your page!

You can also let Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live find your profile!

Sample of where you need to click to get at the right place in Facebook:

Settings and Privacy Flags to change to make sure people find you!

It seems this should work with tools and groups too. Although if you have a website with Apache, you can simply add a redirect command. For instance, I could write this:

  Redirect permanent /facebook/alexis.wilke

That means, if I have a domain such as, I can write:

and it will redirect you to my facebook profile automatically.

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