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.dylib extension missing

The other day, I created the odbcpp library. When I tried to build it on my Mac OS/X 10.4 (Tiger) I got a problem with the dynamic libraries. Instead of a .dylib extension, I got... nothing at all! (this problem was also reported on 10.5) I was sure that it worked for me with other libraries I developed (such as my sswf library) and thus I decided that I was not going to be left alone. Well... my script was rebuilding the configure script (as you would expect it to) then rebuilding everything. But that was the problem! The autoreconf and Co. under the Mac does not properly define the shared libraries extensions (the libtool script is "all wrong"--probably very old.) Since that may be saved inside the objects, I did not try to temper with the output files. Instead, I tried to recompile everything from the source package generated on my Ubuntu system. That worked great! I got the right extensions for all the files. So... I hope you have access to the Linux system if you want a proper configure script and more. I have had a similar problem with trying to generate a package under MinGW!