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reCATPCHA for Drupal

It took me a little time, but I finally search and found the reCAPTCHA.

The default CAPTCHA for Drupal looks awful. It is called Image and creates very ugly extremly hard to read images. So I always wanted to switch to reCAPTCHA that is not perfect but looks a lot better and has audio availbale.

So today I found it, it is here:

Note that you still need the CAPTCHA system, it just adds one more option which is reCAPTCHA instead of Image. (at leat, that the way I use it.)

The CAPTCHA system is available here:

Looking at it a little closer, there are also modules with other CAPTCHA extensions: more complex math, more letters from words, more phrases, questions/ansers...

The reCAPTCHA is still the one I prefer.