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Desktop Google Calendar now defaults to Agenda because I have it on my Android...

Since I got my Android phone earlier this year, I got a huge problem with Google Calendar.

I use the calendar mainly on my Desktop. Big screen, easy to read and use. But on the Android, the format is Agenda to make it possible to use at all.

Somehow that has a really bad side effect: the display is now always forced to Agenda on my Desktop too. Really annoying!

Tere is actually a very easy fix! It took me months the discover it and it's actually very easy.

I have the Calendar link bookmarked so I can just click one button to get it open.


Today Google Calendar asked me whether I wanted to use their new version.

The Day/Week/Month thingy at the top right is GONE!!! Well, now it's a dropdown. Yoh!

The dropdown gives me the same selection, so I set my Desktop version to Week and that looks good. Great. Now, I wanted to to keep that selection, the URL looks different than the old one. The path uses "/r/week" instead of an anchor.

The following shows you how it worked in the old days, but you probably want to switch to the newer version soon. It looks really nice.

All I had to do is add the following anchor at the end of the URL and magic happened:


This says to show 7 days and one week at a time, or the other way around. Either way, that's what resolved that Google calendar problem. Now I get a per week setup as before on my Desktop and the Agenga format on my smartphone.

The full bookmark looks like this for me:|week

If you use a different language, then the hl parameter will be different. I have not found documentation about the other variables so far.