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Debug and/or Release specific command line option in cmake

Today I ran in a problem with cmake which was to very simply select /MT instead of /MD for a small set of projects. The problem is that so far this feature was at least on a per directory basis. Since the exact same directory is used to build the dynamic (DLL) and static (.lib) libraries, having two directories is not exactly an option here.


Looking really deep in the problem, I could quickly see that cmake did not offer that super basic capability (sorry!) It was available via set() but that was not granular enough. However, I was lucky enough to find out that some people had been working on this issue since 2008 and... it just came out in June 2013! So I was in luck, for once. This is now possible. We have to use the target_compile_options() command that sets the COMPILE_OPTIONS variable to the value you decide to set it to, possibly different depending on the configuration name. There is the code:

    target_compile_options( ${PROJECT_NAME}

Simple, right?

The $<...> syntax are inline expressions (cmake calls them generator expressions). Here we get the value of the current configuration ($<CONFIGURATION>). Then we compare that current configuration with the string Debug. That gives us the Boolean result 0 or 1. The $<0:...> or $<1:...> expression uses or not the ... value, the string d in our example. So if the configuration is Debug, add a "d" to the /MT option.