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  • Today I was testing a new intsallation that I prepared in the last month or so and once I hit Cassandra, I got this strange message:

       NoHostAvailable: ('Unable to complete the operation against any hosts',
       {<Host: dc1>: Unavailable('Error from server: code=1000
       [Unavailable exception] message="Cannot achieve consistency level ONE"
       info={\'required_replicas\': 1, \'alive_replicas\': 0, \'consistency\': \'ONE\'}',)})

    I looked for a solution with Google but was not really able to find anything that ...

  • Today I did an upgrade of a server from 9.10 to 10.04. We were on a server version before upgrading to 9.10 but we could not directly upgrade to 10.04 (working upgrade paths are very specific; see a list here: )

    The most surprising part was the python script at the end.

      /usr/bin/python /tmp/unique-folder/lucid --mode=server --frontend=DistUpgradeViewText

    The command line itself is not specifically strange. However, the behavior at the end of the script is a bit strange, mainly because I hadn't see it before. Last time the upgrade was

  • I thought it was interesting to see that some people actually tested the length of URLs in different browsers. You have to know that the size of a URL in the location bar may be differently limited than the length of the URLs you can go to with the browser (i.e. the URL in an anchor may need to be shorter! Or could be longer and still work.)

    Note: These are Browsers limits in 2006.

  • I'm starting this page and hope to think about it again at a later time when I find additional tools... but as I have network problems I often need these types of services to make sure I can get the information I need.

    For more Network stuff, click on the Network tag!

    What is your IP address?

    Check your current IP address from your browser: [Super clean version!] [More advance and with ads...]

    What is my DNS?

    This one is for people who setup a DNS to make sure that it can accessed from all over the world. It ...

  • If you have your own Drupal site, you may have noticed a set of tabs appearing at the top. The View and the Track tab often appear on your site even for anonymous users. This is really annoying!

    Here I show you what I see when I go to one of my pages. The View, Edit and Track tabs.

  • Versions 11.04, 11.10, and 12.04

    Okay! That one took me too long!?

    I was searching for "Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration..." and just couldn't find where the heck that was hidden. It's in /etc/default/failsafe.conf and if you look at that file you'll see a few sleep in there.

    I'm not too sure what that's really used for, but having to wait 2 minutes for the server to boot seems dramatic when before it used to start immediately and worked just fine.

    So, edit the file, scroll down and remove the sleeps... I do not recommand you do that ...

  • Somehow I receive many weird requests from one of Googlebot's. These use some very strange HTTP header, if I can even call that a header! modsecurity blocks all of them at once, but it just seems very strange since it has nothing to do with HTTP.

    The two requests I have seen go like this:

    0x16 0x03 0x01

    0x80 0x2B 0x03 0x01

    As you can see I show you the hexadecimal codes because these are controls!!! (Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-A in the first request, and PAD, +, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-A)

    I just have no idea what that is. I'm glad that modsecurity kicks those request out, but I'm wondering why am I

  • An RSS feed is very common on all new websites. It has been around for years now. As of today you could listen to thousands of RSS feeds and be totally swamped by all the news...

    But what is an RSS feed?

    The way users know about RSS feed is in the form of a URL. The URL points to a file on a website that includes data. That data file uses the specific RSS or RDF format, which uses XML as the base format.

    So it is in fact very easy to generate an RSS feed. All you have to do is write an XML file with the proper tags and attri as defined on the W3C and AtomEnabled ...

  • As we are working on a new website, we had a problem where a redirect would not work. I tried both: a simple Redirect and a RedirectMatch as follow:

    Redirect /
    RedirectMatch permanent ^(.*)$$1

    Both of these entries would not work at all.

    I verified, to make sure, that the alias module was turned on. It was.

    ls -l /var/apache2/mods-enabled

    This did list the alias.conf and alias.load entries as expected.

    So? What else?

    Well... This was installed on a new server and we left the default entry in there:

    ls -l ...
  • Today I noticed that I had quite a few 404 errors on one of my websites. That one uses Wordpress that I got from someone else. Because I wanted to include a blog, I had to change the login name and Wordpress does not allow you to do that by default.

    So to change the login and password, I directly edited the database makeing user 1 me, essentially.

    I replaced the user_login and user_nicename with my own name. This worked just fine. At least at first it looked like everything was working right. Then I noticed that the author link had my name in it. The one with the space. Something like ...

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