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  • By default, a computer system gives each process the same priority level in regard to accessing your hard drive.

    With newer versions of Linux, it is possible to use two other priorities: one where I/O is not primordial and thus you do not get it if anyone else wants it, and one where you want to work in realtime and have priority over anyone else.

    This is achieved with the ionice command line (or corresponding kernel calls.)

    This is particularly useful if you want to copy a partition to another and you know that it will take 20 minutes to copy everything... and thus the computer will be ...

  • In general, I use objdump to check out the list of shared libraries. This is because I usually want to make sure I did not compile against a certain library (i.e. X11.)

  • The following are some commands I use to read certificate and otherwise work with OpenSSL which I otherwise find somewhat difficult to use.

    To read a certificate, you use the -text and -noout to get the result in stdout. Use the -in to specify the

    openssl x509 -text -noout -in server.pem

    The first parameter is the type of of key. I'm not sure where you should use what, but in general you can use x509 (csr file) and rsa (rsa files). I'm not too sure why they cannot just detect what's what...

  • Polkit-1

    This feature works along systemd and loginctl to create sessions for users and check current statuses defined in rules files. This is supposed to be enough to prevent someone from shuting down a computer from the GUI when an administrator is logged in via SSH.

    Thus far, I have not been able to find a way to get that to work for like 1 year. I'm going to put information about my research. Various pages talking about, documentation, etc.

    First of all, there is a manual page which is likely already installed on your system:

    man pklocalauthority

    Now a list of pages I have ...

  • I'm a Unix pro, but I still learn things every day! Today, this what I learned: ps -ef will not always show a user name. This is because the field is limited to 8 characters and if the name does not fit, the decimal number of the user is shown instead.

    So ps does not show all users... and specifically that applies to hald and dbus-daemon. Beacuse the hald tool uses a small name but has a slightly different full name as haldaemon which is too long (9 characters.) And the dbus daemon tool uses the name dbusmessage (11 characters.)

    That's it...

  • Virtual Box Bridging

    I have a computer with Ubuntu 11.04 (the host) on which I installed a version of Ubuntu 11.10 (the guest) using QEMU. Both are 64bit on an i5 quad.

    What I'm trying to do is allow the host to access the guest via a br0 bridge and possibly using all static addresses so they don't change on me (there still seem to be some DHCP going on the guest side and maybe that's part of the problem.)

    When I start qemu with nic/user, it works as expected (well... somehow the nameserver fails now... since I installed my br0 bridge, but I can fix the ...

  • How to install your system to be able to boot from any Operating System


    Problems with booting... numerous emails & posts about this one, that's for sure!!! Real solutions? Not really... In many cases people end up reinstalling their system from Scratch and once in a while even that doesn't work! But smart people have a way to fix their boot sectors without too much hurdle (instead of the hours it takes to install an OS.)

    Yes! There ought to be a reason for things not to work so well once in while. In most cases, if you only have proper ...

  • When I use virtualbox over the network (from a headless computer) and I connect using SSH, that virtualbox is going to be slow.

    Somehow, I did not have that problem with older versions (Ubuntu 14.04 and older) but newer versions have required me to turn off keyboard repetition otherwise I get keys repeated (mainly the Enter key when something takes processing time at the time I hit the enter key) as in:


    The solution is to run the folloing command:

    setterm -repeat off

    It works in most terminals, for sure, the regular Linux console you get after installing a server in a ...

  • When I create a new DigitalOcean droplet I have to run a few commands that I don't otherwise use very much at all so I was thinking that adding them here would make it easier to remember.

    First if you setup an SSH key on DigitalOcean before you create the servlet, then you will be able to access the server root account with SSH.

    ssh -l root -i <path-to-key> <ip-address>

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you will have access with an SSH key, the system will ask you for a root password if you use the wrong key. So make sure to use the -i option if you have multiple keys and the one ...

  • My Rant

    I got a new router as AT&T forced me to a new product called U-Verse. They are actually forcing all their users to switch to that new systems as the new optic cables are now installed and they probably have a goal to turn off their old infrastructure soon.

    The old router I had would generate a gateway on their side. The router was just a router ...

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