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  • Well... I knew that a firewall could generate a few problems, but this one, I did not expect!

    I just could not FTP anything from my FedoraCore box. I checked the source system firewall, tweaked all sorts of options in the vsftpd.conf file to no aval.

    The error I was getting was this:

  • At some point in time, I upgraded Ubuntu and my Gnome Keyring stopped working. So each time I do ssh I have to enter the password at the prompt and that's a bit annoying after a while (depends how much I access the servers, obviously.)

    I read many threads ZERO of them gave me an answer I want to hear. All of them speak of things that do not make sense in that situation. So I tried to install a brand new clean 14.04 server + ubuntu-desktop and guess what... Gnome Keyring is installed and everything makes me think that is is correctly installed (I get the correct SSH_AUTH_SOCK value) and ...

  • Earlz found a way to hack the NVG510 device and wrote a page about it: Rooting The NVG510 from the WebUI

    He also offers a page that one can use to allow telnet connections to the NVG510 (by default it is locked up.) From there you can allow ssh and tftp connections too.

    Note that this means if you are logged in your NVG510 and you click on a link on a bad server, you could actually allow remote connections from anyone! So that's a dangerous back door, although if you are not logged in the Web interface, then it is fine (assuming you do not then log in without thinking!?)

    Just in case ...

  • I have been trying to get my imap_open() function to connect to my mail server.

    The mail server works just fine since I can use it over and over again to receive emails in Thunderbird.


  • Installation of HylaFAX

    Installing Hylafax on Ubuntu 10.04 (and also some things to do on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04...).

    As I'm installing Hylafax I'm writing the steps I'm taking in case I need to do it twice...

    First, install the client and server on your server, and the client application on all other machines that needs access to the Hylafax server.

        sudo apt-get install hylafax-client hylafax-server

    The server will be started automatically on installation. However, it won't be setup for your modem...

    Modem Setup for HylaFAX to use

    You want to add the modem ...

  • If you are using Apache and e-Commerce, you probably want to know all the details of the ciphers used by the Apache SSL module.

    So listing Apache supported ciphers is done using nmap as follow:

    nmap --script ssl-cert,ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443

    This call gives you a complete list of all the ciphers currently accepted by your running version of Apache. For example, the list may look like this:

    | ssl-enum-ciphers:
    |   SSLv3:
    |     ciphers:
    |       TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA - strong
    |       TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA - strong
    |       ...
  • At some point in the past, my system somehow lost the ability to avoid asking me for my key every time I connect to one of my servers. It generally okay, I don't do so much work on that server that I'd have to connect all the time...

    However, it is annoying when, once in while, I end up doing a lot of work, back and forth.

    The ssh-agent was installed and working. I could add the key manually:

    ssh-add ~/.ssh/my-secret-key
    ssh-add -l

    The ssh-add command allows you to add and remove keys from the ssh-agent. The -l command line option lists the keys currently held by the agent.


  • Moving a website to a new server

    Now and again, you have to move a website from one server to another.

    There are good and bad things about that, the main problem is with dynamic websites. Why is that? Simple: a dynamic website expects to access a database and if you hit the wrong server, that will go bad.

    What's the best solution?

    1. Install your website on the new server, make sure it loads okay (you may want to use a test sub-domain name to make sure, although that's not a rock solid proof since some things may use a fully qualified URL)

    2. Change the IP address in your ...

  • Somehow my NVG 510 broadband light started blinking red a couple of time in the last few days. I've been wondering why and I think I have the answer now.

    In most cases it may just be that the broadband signal disappears for too long and the modem disconnects.

    However, in my case, I think it was because they made an upgrade (a push!) on the modem because a few things do not work as expected anymore. (i.e. I cannot access the nsh shell anymore...)

    Whenever software is upgraded, the likelyhood that you have to reset the whole thing is very high. I had to restart twice and even after that, ...

  • PAD File Module for Drupal


    You can find my PAD File module on Drupal.

    It is intended for any company and individual that has executable files for download but its customers and potential customers. The PAD File describes the content of such executable to the target machine (robots that spider the Internet for PAD Files).

    With the module you can create, import, update and delete PAD Files as necessary. It automatically generates the XML files and maintains them on your website without you having to do anything about it.

    It is also intended ...

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