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  • To look at your processes, threads, modules, network, etc. at a quite low level, you can use the SysInternals Tools. System Internals was bought by Microsoft. So the new site is at The old URL still functions though (

    Note that since that purchase Microsoft has worked to ameliorate their libraries to give these tools legitimate access to the data they query!

    In most cases, these tools work against running processes and not against the source (not the .exe, .dll, etc. files, but their loaded/in memory versions.)

  • This page is a test page of the Menu per Role module for Drupal (Yes. This site is a Drupal site, did not guess yet?!) The module controls whether a menu entry should be shown to a given set of customer without having to change the permissions of the destination. This is particularly useful whenever the destination is not a node.

    As of Dec 2008, I'm the maintainer so I needed a place to test the module. Here it is.

    You will need to be registered and logged in to see the corresponding menu item in the drop down. Good luck.

    And the following is a node with comments that I use to test the ...

  • The following is a list of the Ubuntu versions with their name.

    I find it really annoying when someone says "I have such" and he/she has no clue what version (i.e. 7.10) it is. Then I have to look it up because I don't memorize the numbers to the names, but I know what the numbers entitles.

    So... I need a table and I had one on Wikipedia, but that was wiped out. So now, I'll keep my own here and I'll try to keep it up to date. I start with the version Mar 16, 2009 from the Ubuntu Release page. We can hope that they will maintain that page as they move forward though. It ...

  • Server Memory Upgrade

    I got some new memory for my GA-P55A-UD4P motherboard. It is supposed to support 16Gb of RAM: sweet!!!

    So, I got some Kingston which in general the Gigabyte motherboards support. (I had some before.)

    I turned off the server and then the powersupply1.

    I remove the 2 x 2Gb of RAM and install the new 4 x 4Gb sticks. Make sure it's well sited multiple ...

    • 1. I have one of those power supply you can turn off, there is a switch on it... Without doing so, I can still see some lights on the network connectors meaning that electricity is still running in the machine!
  • Lately, I received emails from a customer something like 12 hours later...

    So I checked closer and could see that the email was from


    On the server, I edited my whitelist to see what was going on:

    vim /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local

    Searching the list I could see, so why is it that it gets bounced with a 450 by Postgrey if it is whitelisted?

    Looking closer at the logs left behind by Postgrey, I found this line:

    Apr 23 06:33:34 m2osw postgrey[1742]: action=greylist,
  • The laptop I use runs MS-Windows 8.1, because a few software I have only run on that platform... It uses the WiFi to connect to my LAN. This is how I access the Internet, too.

    Only once in a while (very often, if you ask me!), my WiFi would go out. This started to happen more or less when I switched from AT&T to Comcast. I did not really see what could possibly be different and all my other computers would continue to work just fine, including those used with WiFi too.

    Many people say that your WiFi is bad or that you should change your WiFi Router... Or maybe when the laptop goes ...

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