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AddThis weird behaviors

I just switched my websites from one server to another and noticed that on my main company site ( I would get a # at the end of the URL. Automatically added somehow. Thinking that could be a bad guy I checked the code and could not really see anything.

Hitting "Back" once, I noticed that the # would be transformed to #atssh-digg. I don't have anything specific about digg on that page except the AddThis button. That adds Digg among some 150 different systems where you can share my pages.

I tried to turn AddThis off, and sure enough, without AddThis in there, it does not make it.

So that's them again who add some weird stuff to my URLs.

Now in itself it is harmless, but it happens even if you have an anchor (although they fix it back to the proper anchor so it's not preventing the proper functionality.) Still, I wonder why they do that. If you have a scoop, please comment below!

Thank you.