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1 New MS-Windows Installation Update for a whole week?

For a week now I have had a warning when shutting down saying that there was yet another update to install on shutdown...

I did not really check on it for that long, but today I decided to check the auto-update as I was running the computer. There was the installation ready to be run. So I clicked on the button to start the installation.

After a moment, the installation process stopped with a really weird error:

Error message: Code 13EC, it's an unknown error.

It's funny that any programmer would create an error that the computer cannot figure out... Way beyond me.

This being said, searching about it, I found out that if the C:\ drive was full, then you could eventually get this errror. I cleaned up the drive and restarted the installation which this time seems to be working successfully (It's still running after nearly 1h... that would explain why it needed so much space on the hard drive!)

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