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tripwire --init not saving the database

I ran in a problem with tripwire, it did not want to generate the <hostname>.twd file under /var/lib/tripwire

I could see that because it reports, once a day, whether tripwire ran sucessfully or not. It was not and the main error was: the tripwire database does exist which is actually shown as:

### Error: File could not be opened.
### Filename: /var/lib/tripwire/<hostname>.twd
### No such file or directory
### Exiting...

That, in itself, looks easy to fix. So I ran tripwire --init and voià!

sudo tripwire --init

As usual, it print a few errors and ignored them.

1 New MS-Windows Installation Update for a whole week?

For a week now I have had a warning when shutting down saying that there was yet another update to install on shutdown...

I did not really check on it for that long, but today I decided to check the auto-update as I was running the computer. There was the installation ready to be run. So I clicked on the button to start the installation.

After a moment, the installation process stopped with a really weird error:

Error message: Code 13EC, it's an unknown error.

It's funny that any programmer would create an error that the computer cannot figure out... Way beyond me.

This being ...

QtWarning QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_something_event()

Today I noticed that I was getting this warning while running one of my tests1:

   QtWarning QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_something_event()

Search with Google I found a post that explained, very clearly, what happens. I'd bet it's somewhere in the documentation of Qt, but so far I have not found anything about that in ...

  • 1. I had not noticed before... Unfortunately, you get a s**t load of output under the Windows IDE about the loading of DLLs which no one really cares about and that often blurs your view of other much more important messages!

/var is 99% full...


On Unix systems, you create partitions and assign them a folder such as /usr, /home, and /var. Many people like to put different things on different partitions. Very frankly, it is often complicated to do that, so if you don't have a real need, only break up the /home and /tmp folders from the rest. The /var is a good idea to break up if you use databases or very heavy logs. The /etc can be separate mainly for ease of backup.

warning: connect to Connection refused

Today, I noticed many entries in the log of my mail server with this error:

   warning: connect to Connection refused


   warning: connect to Connection refused

The fact is that this does not tell you anything (duh!)

We use postfix which runs many servers and each server talks to the other via network messages. Up to here, nothing special. The problem is whenever a server cannot connect to another, instead of telling us who, what, when, it just tells us that the connection did not happen (although there is the date, but it does not tell you when in the chain of events.)

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