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  • Today I noticed that I was getting this warning while running one of my tests1:

       QtWarning QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_something_event()

    Search with Google I found a post that explained, very clearly, what happens. I'd bet it's somewhere in the documentation of Qt, but so far I have not found anything about that in ...

    • 1. I had not noticed before... Unfortunately, you get a s**t load of output under the Windows IDE about the loading of DLLs which no one really cares about and that often blurs your view of other much more important messages!
  • Often, when I work with some form of graphics, I do not have a handy library to save the image buffer I'm working with in a file on disk. In most cases, when I want to do that, I make use of the Targa format. This is very easy to save since the header is very simple (18 bytes) and the data can be saved verbatim. Plus, many tools, such as the Gimp, can read the result at once.

    Here is my C code to do so. It will work in C++ also. It should be easy to tweak for other languages such as C#.

      unsigned char hdr[18]; // the targa file header
      FILE *f;
      memset(hdr, 0, sizeof(hdr));  ...
  • Today I opened a document where I had to make a few edits and LibreOffice decided to tell me:

    Readonly content cannot be changed.
    No modifications will be accepted.

    There is a screenshot of that message:

    Error message: Readonly content cannot be changed. No modifications will be accepted.

    The error may be justified, I do not know, but apparently not too many people know how to unlock a document. I found pages and pages that tell people to check the read/write protection of the file, as if a read-only file on disk could not be updated in the editor... (yes! you cannot write it back, but you can edit it and do a Save As ...)

    One person, though, had the correct answer to ...

  • One thing that I quickly do on my browsers is turn off warnings about non-secure data when browsing secure pages (with HTTPS .)

    It's rarely a problem and with all those features you like to have (Facebook, Twitter, AddThis, ShareThis, Google Plus, and othe fun widgets...) it's hard to avoid. Actually, many times the problem lies in one of these scripts and thus you cannot just fix your website. Without that 3rd party script owner fixing their code, it just won't work at all.

    Now, once in a while I work on a customer website and they really want to have a 100% clean slate. Thus,

  • I have different scripts that synchronize different hard drives for either backup or just synch-ing my development system with one of the production systems.

    I got an error for a little while after I created a folder on a destination as I wanted to make sure that the source folder was being copied...

    That generated an error as follow:

      rsync: delete_file: rmdir "<destination>" failed: Directory not empty (39)
      rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(977) [sender=2.6.9]

    The fact is that the source file was a softlink and not a folder. So ...

  • In order to take a screenshot on your Mac OS/X system, simply type "Apple-Shift-3". Then you will see an image on your Desktop. As far as I know you cannot control where the image will go.

    There are many other combinaisons that let you select the part of the screen you want a screenshot of.

    The name of the file on your dekstop is "Picture #.png" where # increases as required. Although since 10.4 you can change the file format with a Unix command.

  • It has always been weird to me to see that the delete operator was not actually going to call all the destructor on objects. That is, if you create a class B that derives from a class A, deleting an object when cast to A does not (by default) call the destructor defined in class B.

    The result is that ALL classes should define their destructor as virtual. This doesn't make sense because you shouldn't have to have a virtual table in all your objects just for the destructor to work right. On the other hand, class A has no way to know that it will be derived by class B so its destructor

  • As I am working on my as2js compiler, I stumble on a couple of problems with the for() loop parsing because of the in keyword. That made me think and the for() statement was actually a very funny one. Yes! You can actually write something like this and it compiles:

    int zero;
    for(3;2;1) zero;

    As you can see, all 3 entries in the for() statement are valid expressions and therefore the compiler can compile that code. This creates a loop that runs forever, similar to:

    for(;;) zero;

    but much less clear to read, obviously.

    Now that's food for thought, isn't it?

    In JavaScript, you ...

  • A little while ago I had a problem with the Thunderbird Sent folder.

    I'm not too sure what had happened but it just wouldn't work right.

    I found a page talking about the problem here:

    The solution that worked for me is actually documented in that post. Ther eit is:

    1. Go to your account folder and check the properties.
    2. Click on "Copies & Folders" and then make sure that you use the "Sent" folder option
    3. Enable Place a copy in under "When sending messages, automatically:"
    4. ...
  • Yesterday I got a surprise. My junk email stayed in my Inbox instead of going to my Junk folder... Why?

    The automated function doesn't give you any error. It just doesn't do anything.

    When I tried to mark a message as junk, that's when I got an error message saying...

    Your Junk Folder is Full

    Wow! I looked again... but I knew. It was still FULLY empty. Hmmm...

    Looking around I found a post on some random website saying that the limit of a folder was 4Gb. Okay. But my folder is EMPTY. I look for any other Junk folder, just in case another one was filled up. Nope. All empty! (I ...

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