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  • One thing we do with lists on a website is to put a small image to replace the default bullet with something that looks nice in the theme.

    If you are still reading the documentation on how to place an image in a list to replace the default bullet and what you read is some talks about list-style-image then you are in the wrong direction. Of course, this works great with Mozilla. But Internet Explorer does not understand the concept of list-style-image at all.

  • In the last few days I've been trying to find the reason for a slowness in one very specific case in a software. It looks like it crashes and since it includes many try/catch with (...) it certainly captures the fact, but contrary to what it is expected to do, this one does not get logged! In any event, I wanted to prove that the area where we first were looking was not affected, and sure enough it was not. The problem is somewhere else. However, to prove that I needed to have a way to log milli-seconds because things happen very fast and a 1 second decimation is definitively not enough.

  • Quite often, I write documents that require a logo from a brand such as Microsoft or Apple. Here I have link that take me to the pages were I can get the logos. The following are links to the logos of different companies I work with. If you have some, feel free to share! The list is in alphabetical order.

    • Apple

    • Made to Order Software Corporation

  • Subversion Labels?

    At this time, Subversion does NOT support simple labels.

    This would be neat, but it simply isn't available.

    What I usually want to do is mark all the files in a folder with a label to mark that point in time as a specific version. There is no feature in Subversion to do that.

    There are many different things you can do to circumvent this problem.

    [toc hidden:1]
  • In general, I use objdump to check out the list of shared libraries. This is because I usually want to make sure I did not compile against a certain library (i.e. X11.)

  • PAD File Module for Drupal


    You can find my PAD File module on Drupal.

    It is intended for any company and individual that has executable files for download but its customers and potential customers. The PAD File describes the content of such executable to the target machine (robots that spider the Internet for PAD Files).

    With the module you can create, import, update and delete PAD Files as necessary. It automatically generates the XML files and maintains them on your website without you having to do anything about it.

    It is also intended ...

  • I suppose we could talk about security all day and only barely touch the tip of the iceberg, if even more than a spec of it.

    Yet, I wanted to mention that in many instances, there are such limits to the characters you can use in a password that already the provider prevents you from creating a string password in the first place!

    So... what is it I'm talking about?

    I have one company I work with that does not support anything more than letters and digits. Not only that, they limit your password between 6 and 10 characters. Everyone knows that 6 characters is cracked very very quickly and

  • Today I connected on PayPal to check out a sale and got a message from my system saying that a certificate could not be verified because it had a PayPal URL but pointed to

    You can see the message below:

    You have attempted to establish a connection with "". However, the security certificate presented belongs to "*". It is possible, though unlikely, that someone may be trying to intercept your communication with the web site.

    If you suspect the certificate shown does not belong to ...

  • If you are like me and write DTDs to check your XML files to make sure you don't have too many mistakes in them, then you probably have had this problem before.

    The #PCDATA has a very special behavior and it is really restrained as follow:

    • #PCDATA must appear at the start
    • #PCDATA must be repeated from zero to infinity, so only * work with it
    • #PCDATA cannot be used with sub-groups (things between parenthesis)

    Something like this:

    <!ELEMENT Z (P | (#PCDATA | A | B | C)* | Q)+>

    does not work because you use + and #PCDATA is within a sub-group.

    What you need ...

  • Problem

    I have to use Qt these days. It's a good system, but there are a few tricks to know about.

    As I was starting to write a test, the test needed a lot of numbers but nothing much otherwise. So I decided to limit the #include to a minimum by deleting all of those that I did not need.

    The result was this error:

    "Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI is being used"

    I looked into it and sure enough people talking about it say: Well... where is your GUI?

    Great, but I don't see how that helps me in fixing the problem, does it do it for you? Neither?!



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