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  • Today I ran in an error that looked like this:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <path>/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module on line 1214.

    The line number may vary depending on the version you are using. At the time, I had Drupal 6.14 and the line number was 1214.

    The problem is with a node that has an invalid definition of its taxonomy field. In other words, the $node->taxonomy is not defined. If it were an empty array, the function would not fail.

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  • Today I wanted to test the memory on a remote server. I could not just reboot and run memtest86+ so instead I had to look for a different solution to testing most of the computer memory without having to reboot...

    I found an interesting page in that regard describing a way to do so using md5sum on a very large file.

    The is a verbatim copy of the Linux command line proposed.

      dd if=/dev/urandom bs=768304 of=/tmp/memtest count=1050
       md5sum /tmp/memtest; md5sum /tmp/memtest; md5sum /tmp/memtest

    The size, 768304 is expected to be close to your memory size. You should know how much memory

  • As I was working on a table extracted from a PDF file, I wanted to load that table in Excel. By default it would put all the fields in column A. Not good. So I put that in a text file, added a pipe at the end of each time and then join lines really quick (with vim, it's J to join lines.)

    Now I had a nice .csv file, with fields separated by a pipe (|) character.

    123|Something|More info|This "worked" before?!

    Now, time to load that file in Excel. I tried that and it gave me everything cut in "strange" places but especially, no way to select the column separator. Why ...

  • The Error: pivot_root not found

    Debian or Ubuntu and pivot_root and GRUB and hard drives... In general, I like Linux, but once in a while, it generates quite a few problems!

  • I have been using Thunderbird for a long time and yet I still did not know about the Compact feature.

    A while back, i would use my Local Folders to save Junk, Draft, and Sent emails. This is really fast by default. But at some point I had a problem and reverted to using the remote folders which worked.

    The problem was that Thunderbird would tell me that my Local Folders were full even though looking at them they were clearly empty.

    The way this works is really annoyingly bad:

    1. it accepts emails in a file, like the good old days, it uses one file for any number of emails

    2. it adds new ...

  • Yesterday I got a surprise. My junk email stayed in my Inbox instead of going to my Junk folder... Why?

    The automated function doesn't give you any error. It just doesn't do anything.

    When I tried to mark a message as junk, that's when I got an error message saying...

    Your Junk Folder is Full

    Wow! I looked again... but I knew. It was still FULLY empty. Hmmm...

    Looking around I found a post on some random website saying that the limit of a folder was 4Gb. Okay. But my folder is EMPTY. I look for any other Junk folder, just in case another one was filled up. Nope. All empty! (I ...

  • A long time ago, I got ... and I created a website (you know a 1.0 kind of a website.) It look like an abomination, and I would have prefered to lose it...

    Well... there are time machines that are not perfect but will show you some of the pages of my company's website from way back (it started in 2001).*/

    And, please, don't laff! Okay... whatever... Hey! Stop it! Or write a comment below, I'd like your input...

  • Today I was testing a new intsallation that I prepared in the last month or so and once I hit Cassandra, I got this strange message:

       NoHostAvailable: ('Unable to complete the operation against any hosts',
       {<Host: dc1>: Unavailable('Error from server: code=1000
       [Unavailable exception] message="Cannot achieve consistency level ONE"
       info={\'required_replicas\': 1, \'alive_replicas\': 0, \'consistency\': \'ONE\'}',)})

    I looked for a solution with Google but was not really able to find anything that ...

  • Problem

    On Unix systems, you create partitions and assign them a folder such as /usr, /home, and /var. Many people like to put different things on different partitions. Very frankly, it is often complicated to do that, so if you don't have a real need, only break up the /home and /tmp folders from the rest. The /var is a good idea to break up if you use databases or very heavy logs. The /etc can be separate mainly for ease of backup.

  • Look at the SHGetSpecialFolderPath()1 function! You can actually use names such as "My Documents" and transform them a valid path as you would expect (i.e. C:\Settings & Stuff\username\My Docs\...).

    And yes! If you have no clue about that function, that's not going to be easy to find it...

    Note that there has been talks about creating such functions under Linux. There are some but so far I have not seen too many people using

    • 1. The SH stands for Shell. The explorer windows are considered shells under MS-Windows. Nothing to do with a real good Unix shell, of course.
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